Custom Made Scatter Cushions in Adelaide

A home should be comfortable, with only the best furniture and accessories. When you come home, it’s fantastic to be able to feel at ease and relaxed in your surroundings, sink into the couch and put your feet up. A good couch or armchair is a good foundation, but the beauty is in the details. Adding in a scatter cushion or two transforms ordinary furniture into something special. At Reality Furniture, we can create bespoke custom-made cushions for you that perfectly match your décor.

Seat cushioning

Your comfort is our priority, we use only the best Australian foam.

We use a range of high density foam with an extremely high comfort that provides supreme support and resilience. The foam range we use have excellent ‘bounce back’ capabilities, and the ability to hold and retain its shape for longer. Our high quality range of foams delivers outstanding longevity with fewer additives. The foams we use are environmentally responsible and some features include:

  • 10 year to Lifetime warranties (depending on the foam selected)
  • Ignition resistance technology to Australian/New Zealand standards
  • Some foams include Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial technology incorporated to improve hygiene, product longevity and prevent microbe growth, which causes odour

If you are looking for an additional level of softness, we also provide our customers with a feather wrap foam option. A feather wrapped foam cushion consist of a high density foam block surrounded by a comfortable layer of feathers.  They hold their shape very well and offers good support and comfort.

Back Cushioning

All our sofas come with soft foam back cushioning which allows for extra support and comfort.  We also have a range of sofas that come with custom-made feather back cushioning for an additional level softness and comfort.